Temasek Review 2020

Enabling a Better World

We invest in endowments to connect people, uplift communities, protect our planet and advance capabilities, in Singapore, Asia and beyond.

We have 23 non-profit philanthropic endowments, gifted over the years, to focus on different aspects of connecting people, uplifting communities, protecting our planet and advancing capabilities. To date, Temasek Foundation has touched over 1.3 million lives across Singapore and Asia.

COVID-19 has impacted economies and livelihoods around the world. Temasek is committed to playing our part to fight the pandemic, and to support those who have been affected by the crisis. With the onset of COVID-19, we have redirected a significant proportion of these community funds to support various initiatives, including those initiated by Temasek Foundation.

In February this year, we directed part of our community funds to establish the Temasek Public Resilience Infectious Disease Emergency (T-PRIDE) fund. This, together with donations from salary restraint measures implemented across our institution, was channelled to fund initiatives to safeguard the community.

The crisis presented many challenges and our Stay Prepared initiatives centred on five areas: diagnosis, containment & contact tracing, treatment, protection & prevention, and enablement.

A key aspect of our response is in improvising and developing solutions to meet the nation's needs as the pandemic evolves. When infections spiked, Temasek worked with our portfolio companies to rapidly transform exhibition spaces into a community care facility for mild COVID-19 cases. This ensured the best possible support while reducing the strain on our healthcare system.

As Singapore's economy resumed after the circuit breaker period, we focused on safeguarding nodes with extensive human interactions, such as food courts, worksite canteens or shopping malls.

We also secured access to essential supplies to fill gaps in treatment and prevent community spread. These were made available to communities in Singapore and abroad.

To date, we have provided more than 1 million litres of hand sanitisers, 11 million masks, 250,000 oximeters, and about 1 million face shields to various groups in Singapore.

We have also contributed medical supplies such as diagnostic kits, testing equipment, ventilators and oxygen concentrators, masks and sanitisers to some 35 countries. These include our ASEAN neighbours, as well as those further afield, such as in Middle East, Africa, Europe and Latin America.

Temasek Shophouse

In June 2019, we launched the Temasek Shophouse as our gift for social impact in Singapore and beyond. Managed by Temasek Trust, the Temasek Shophouse is a social impact hub that seeks to encourage, enhance and elevate initiatives that contribute towards the common good. It has hosted more than 50 events before the circuit breaker, including exhibitions and workshops on topics such as sustainability and mental health. These community outreach activities were organised in partnership with not-for-profit organisations and various government agencies.

Financial Oversight and Governance

Temasek Trust financially manages 23 philanthropic endowments and gifts from Temasek and other donors.

It provides a steady and sustainable 4% endowment funding rate for Temasek Foundation and other provider partners, such as the Stewardship Asia Centre, to carry out their programmes to connect people, uplift communities, protect our planet and advance capabilities.

Endowment spending at rates above 4% and up to 10% will be at the discretion of Temasek Trust. Spending above 10% will be subject to the approval of Temasek as the endowment sponsor.

Temasek Trust provides governance and financial management of philanthropic assets. It also serves as a convenor for philanthropic and community dialogue, and strives to inspire and enable giving through innovative pathways.

Temasek Foundation

Temasek Foundation delivers community programmes which aim to strengthen social resilience, foster international exchange and regional capabilities, and advance science and nature. The Foundation also facilitates the sharing of best practices and collaboration with the wider philanthropy sector to improve support to the community.

Strengthening Social Resilience and Uplifting Lives

Temasek Foundation helps to build a more resilient, harmonious and inclusive society.

Its outcome-focused programmes help to enhance our social fabric by uplifting individuals to lead active and fulfilling lives, strengthening families and advancing communities.

Through its network of partners, the Foundation pilots programmes and supports research that benefits current and future generations.

Temasek Foundation also helps young people reach their potential in music, arts, sports, mathematics and science.

Fostering International Exchange and Enhancing Regional Capabilities

The wider community succeeds when ideas, experiences and support networks are shared.

Temasek Foundation supports programmes in Singapore and beyond that connect people, and enhance capability and capacity, in areas such as healthcare, education, public administration, urban management, and disaster response.

Through Stewardship Asia Centre, we promote effective stewardship and governance for responsible value creation among corporate organisations.

Advancing Science and Nature for a Sustainable World

We champion sustainability and innovative solutions to improve liveability in an abc World of active and productive economies, beautiful and inclusive societies, and a clean and cool Earth.

Temasek Foundation supports research and education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It also supports solution-oriented development projects, including the global Liveability Challenge.

These programmes strengthen research capabilities and promote cross-functional collaboration among institutions, agencies and academia in areas such as climate change, wildlife conservation and the circular economy.