Temasek Review 2020

Our Stories

We are committed to do right and do good alongside our communities, as we stay resilient in our quest to do well.

Exploring the Promise of AI

Long regarded as a game-changer to our lives, is artificial intelligence truly the panacea it appears to be?

Beefing Up Asia's Food Resilience

Amidst demographic shifts and climate change, Asia is innovating its supply chains and protein sources.

Catalysing Sustainable Solutions

Global innovators and changemakers are gathering to hack solutions for a sustainable future.

Giving Hospitals Room to Breathe

A Singapore engineering firm races against time to develop a novel remotely-controlled ventilator.

28 Days, 10 Halls, One Goal

Here’s how Temasek’s portfolio companies helped build a facility that can house over 8,000 COVID-19 patients.

Radios Provide a Lifeline to Seniors

Enabled by the oscar@sg fund, radios are distributed to keep lonely seniors connected to songs of their youth.