Temasek Review 2020

Our Temasek Heartbeat

We are guided by our Temasek Charter and MERITT values, and are connected by our Temasek Heartbeat.

Enhancing Our Institution

We aim to keep Temasek at the forefront of the digital era, investing in the tools and skills needed to harness the potential that technology offers.

We have rolled out new IT systems and tools such as portfolio visualisation dashboards, real time collaboration programmes and various digital workplace applications. Improving our IT infrastructure is part of our three-year technology transformation journey. By tapping on technology, we gain insights into our portfolio, collaborate with one another better and work more efficiently. Our technology tools were tested during the year, as staff across all our offices had to work remotely from home for prolonged periods due to COVID-19. Our suite of collaborative applications, conferencing and networking tools allowed our staff to interact, stay productive and access essential workflow tools.

We invest in the tools and skills
needed to harness the potential
that technology offers.

Our two pilot groups, or pods, in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain that were formed last year have made good progress. These pods, comprising cross-functional team members who are trained in Agile project management, have demonstrated the value of operating models that facilitate quick and strategic decision-making. We plan to roll out the Agile way of working to other teams and functions in the firm.

Empowering Our People

We are committed to growing our people and enabling them to take charge of their own learning to prepare themselves for the future.

As part of continual learning, our people are exposed to a wide range of training programmes and initiatives in areas such as leadership, digital technology and data science. These programmes aim to empower them with the competencies and knowledge needed to excel in an era of rapid technological transformation.

Over the year, we organised conferences aimed at nurturing exponential thinking and exploration of innovative technologies and solutions. We curated workshops on career development and change management, and worked with leading institutions such as Harvard Business School to organise senior leadership forums on institutional purpose and leadership culture. We have also delivered online and virtual programmes to enable continual learning by our staff even as they work from home.

Making a Difference

We equip our employees
with life skills by offering
annual CPR and AED workshops.

Our “Make-a-Difference” (MAD) Programme has been an integral part of Temasek’s journey since 2008. MAD promotes a culture of personal ownership and responsibility. Individual and company-wide MAD targets are set each year. These go beyond financial and performance targets to cover self-development, institution and community goals.

We equip our employees
with life skills by offering
annual CPR and AED workshops.

Over the past few years, we have equipped our employees with life skills by offering annual cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED) workshops.

Since 2016, our staff have been championing sustainability causes under Project GO!, a company-wide initiative focused on ecology-related causes.

For example, some of our staff worked with the Waterways Watch Society to clean up the waterways at Marina Bay. We supported EcoBank, an annual zero waste event, and collected 530 kg of pre-loved items which were subsequently donated to charitable organisations. A small group organised a self-funded trip to Les Village, a seaside community along the northern coast of Bali, where they contributed to coral reef rehabilitation efforts and supported traditional livelihood enterprises by taking part in salt farming and plastic recycling activities. To combat the effects of climate change, we have also set a goal for our staff from our offices all over the world to plant trees in the cities in which they are based.

Our CEO Challenge aims to encourage continuous learning and innovation among our employees. Since 2015, our staff have acquired new skills such as in the areas of coding and data science, languages, as well as music and dance. This year, we included cybersecurity courses to teach staff how to detect and anticipate potential cybersecurity threats. Since the launch of the CEO Challenge five years ago, more than 80 per cent of our staff have learnt or enhanced their proficiencies and skills. Over 60 per cent have completed courses in programming or data science and analytics.

Over the years, we have broadened the scope of our CEO Innovation Challenge, an initiative which aims to encourage our staff to develop innovative tech applications to solve real life problems. Over the years, our staff have used their programming skills to solve pain points at work and have developed applications that benefit both our firm and the broader community.

In 2019, we went a step further by supporting our staff in developing their startup proposals. They were mentored by industry leaders and attended strategic ideation workshops. Finalists will pitch their ideas for funding at the Innovation Fair in March 2021.

Strategic Ideation Workshops
Our staff participated in Strategic Ideation Workshops where they refined the business models for their start-ups and learnt how to pitch their ideas to potential investors.

Our people give back to their communities by taking part in activities organised by T-Touch, a volunteer initiative driven by our staff. This year, many of our staff volunteered their time in programmes led by Temasek Foundation to support our community response towards COVID-19 — for example, distributing hand sanitisers to the public, and setting up community care facilities and swab testing stations for our migrant worker population. Our staff across China, India, Europe and the Americas have also helped to provide food and medical supplies to their local communities, especially to those whose lives have been badly disrupted by the pandemic.

We launched a nationwide distribution
of reusable antimicrobial masks to
residents in Singapore.

The anniversary of our incorporation date, 25 June, is designated as our annual Community Day for our staff all around the world, where they work with beneficiaries in their communities. In 2020, it was not possible to bring everyone together, but we were pleased to launch a nationwide distribution of reusable antimicrobial masks to residents in Singapore. A total of 9.4 million masks were distributed via vending machines strategically located around the island.

We launched a nationwide distribution of reusable antimicrobial masks to residents in Singapore.

Our staff take part in all sorts of volunteering activities throughout the year, and have access to a dedicated leave balance for their volunteer work.

(as at 31 March)

Our Staff Composition

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Doing Good Together

Our staff participate in many outreach programmes with non-profit groups and self-help organisations in countries where we have a presence.